AR Global is a global asset manager that began with the goal of transforming the direct investment industry by introducing investment vehicles with innovative and distinct, investor-first features.

Our early programs focused on acquiring investment grade real estate supported by strong tenant credit, and aimed at generating strong, sustainable current distributions for shareholders, reduced volatility, and low correlation to traded securities. Since then, we’ve raised and invested over $30 billion in capital, served over 150,000 shareholders, and have grown to become one of the largest external managers of direct investment programs in the U.S. Our suite of sponsored REITs now includes net leased properties in the U.S. and Europe, healthcare real estate, retail shopping centers, and New York City commercial properties.

Today, in an environment marked by political uncertainty and market instability, we are assured more than ever of the benefits of direct investing, confident in our approach, and steadfast in our commitment to putting our shareholders first. As AR Global enters its second decade, we will continue to focus on the three core goals that have guided us in maximizing value for our shareholders to date: to protect and preserve invested capital, to provide attractive current distributions and to generate capital appreciation.

With our history of quality performance and our strong lineup of direct investment programs, we look forward to continuing to serve our investors for years to come.